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Frank SchönbergerFeb 20, 20202 min read

Secure Browser-based Video with WebAssembly

The industry-leading MainConcept WebASM HEVC Decoder runs natively in internet browsers

Nowadays, web app development that covers video decoding as a fundamental feature has become a real challenge. For security reasons, organizations and institutions may restrict potentially insecure browser plugins on end-user systems. Native playback is currently handled by HTML5, but HTML5 does not support newer codecs like HEVC/H.265.

WebAssembly, aka WebASM or Wasm, is a simple option to securely view videos on any web browser, anywhere, using the latest and greatest codec technology. Introduced in 2015 by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), WebASM enables the development of secure web applications with video decoding capabilities⏤without depending on 3rd party browser plug-ins. It helps users to create JavaScript (JS) based, self-contained apps running in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari, which account for over 90% of browser-based web traffic.

So how does it work? WebASM is a portable binary format that improves load time and execution performance of translated code within web browsers. WebASM lets you compile C/C++ code into an optimized module that works wherever Javascript is used, and when applied to video playback, reduces load time while improving browser compatibility.

Apps that use our WebASM HEVC Decoder can run natively in Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari where H.265 stream playback, editing or monitoring is required. MainConcept WebASM HEVC Decoder is also suitable for markets that demand low latency playback such as security, surveillance, governmental, and educational. Other use cases include live interactive video, browser-based remote gaming, proxy preview, and virtual/augmented reality.

If a workflow demands previewing live IP camera feeds or VOD content within an internet browser environment, the MainConcept WebASM HEVC Decoder is an ideal solution. MainConcept’s market-proven HEVC Decoder is now available for WebASM, allowing developers to create powerful browser apps supporting multi-threaded H.265 playback, editing or decoding on every system in every internet browser supporting WebAssembly. Since WebAssembly is offered in binary format, the MainConcept WebASM HEVC Decoder does not require specific hardware. It offers great quality and high performance even in low bandwidth environments, like playback of content captured on police bodycams.

If you are looking for the next-generation web app development tool for mission-critical solutions featuring HEVC video decoding, try the MainConcept WebASM HEVC Decoder SDK. Its lightweight architecture runs efficiently with minimal load-time and is designed to support future browser updates out-of-the-box. 

Contact the MainConcept team for a free evaluation of the WebASM HEVC Decoder SDK, which includes our ready-to-use JS sample for quick integration in your app.


Frank Schönberger

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