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Sarah Cook Sep 14, 2021 10:57:32 AM 3 min read

M&E Tech Enabling Business in Turbulent Times 

Anyone else feel like they’ve been on a whitewater raft the past year and a half? ...
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Sarah Cook Aug 26, 2021 7:56:29 AM 9 min read

Choosing a Codec: Why Free is Not Always Free

[Editor's Note: Article reprinted from InBroadcast, June 2021, Issue 6.] When it comes to ...
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Frank Schönberger Aug 12, 2021 7:25:30 AM 4 min read

MainConcept Goes GStreamer: Extended Codec Footprint

For almost 30 years, MainConcept® codecs have been renowned in the broadcast industry for ...
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Geoff Gordon Aug 5, 2021 8:55:47 AM 8 min read

Behind the Scenes: Gold Medal Olympics' Content Live & On Demand

With the Tokyo Olympics finally a reality, though without spectators in the stands, more ...
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Frank Schönberger Aug 3, 2021 5:01:04 AM 6 min read

xHE-AAC: A New Standard for the Audio & Video Streaming Experience

When people talk about Adaptive BitRate (ABR) streaming, the focus is usually on video ...
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Ivan Andryushin Jul 29, 2021 7:43:02 AM 7 min read

High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) Beta Program 

It’s part of the MainConcept DNA to listen to our customers and look ahead. Our Beta ...
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Nicolai Otto Jul 15, 2021 1:46:17 PM 6 min read

Encoding Digital Video with AVC/H.264: The Need for Speed

What is the single, most-requested feature for any video encoder? Don’t let the title of ...
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Frank Schönberger Jul 9, 2021 12:22:43 PM 10 min read

Codecs Made Easy: MainConcept Transcoding SDK

MainConcept® maintains the largest codec video and audio library on the planet, and it ...
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Frank Schönberger Jul 1, 2021 5:52:41 PM 10 min read

Encoding Time on Apple Computers: The M1 Revolution

Apple computers have a prolific history in video editing, having long been the choice of ...
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Thomas Kramer Jun 24, 2021 9:46:57 AM 9 min read

Universal File Ingest for Digital Video

In the media industry, conversations usually center on encoding, streaming, packaging and ...
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