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Frank SchönbergerAug 12, 20212 min read

MainConcept Goes GStreamer: Extended Codec Footprint

For almost 30 years, MainConcept® codecs have been renowned in the broadcast industry for excellent quality, impressive performance, and extensive feature sets. Since the 1990s, our components have been based on the proprietary MainConcept API (Application Programming Interface), which enables companies all over the world to integrate our codecs into their solutions. Now, we’ve also made it even simpler to use MainConcept’s best-in-class codec packages with direct integration into the GStreamer Media Framework to give you a complete encoding and transcoding pipeline.

With the MainConcept OTT Content Creation SDK for GStreamer, MainConcept extends the availability of its video and audio encoders, including HEVC and AVC, multiplexers and packaging tools. This means that GStreamer users no longer need to deploy and manage both APIs separately to work with various production formats, high-bitrate video files, or any other use case requirements.

About the GStreamer Media Framework

GStreamer is a multi-platform framework—an open industry standard that is supported by a worldwide community of engineers. The cross-platform availability of GStreamer makes it a useful framework for developers on desktop and mobile platforms to create complex multimedia workflows. This media framework consists of an API and rules for connecting codec and streaming components.

The GStreamer API was designed for developing applications, services and systems intended for encoding, decoding and streaming environments. Many media-handling libraries already implement this API. Components that use the GStreamer API are called plugins and can be connected to create complex media pipelines for encoding, transcoding, and streaming. And anybody is free to implement components with the GStreamer API to add new codecs, formats or features to GStreamer-compatible pipelines.

A standard GStreamer installation consists of a C++ SDK. It comes with numerous codec and streaming components from the open-source community as well as many ready-to-use command-line tools that enable users to quickly set up encoding and decoding pipelines. GStreamer offers optional tools, test suites and codecs for download, including commercial versions.

MainConcept OTT Content Creation SDK for GStreamer Extends Your Codec Footprint

The OTT Content Creation SDK for GStreamer allows users to generate MPEG-DASH and Apple HLS streaming formats for VOD (Video on Demand) as well as live production workflows. It features both on-demand and live low-latency CMAF-DASH content creation on Windows and Linux.

The OTT Content Creation SDK for GStreamer includes MainConcept’s industry-leading AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265 video encoders as well as all audio encoders, multiplexers, and packaging tools to create MPEG-DASH, CMAF-DASH and HLS-compliant content. It even gives you the complete set of MPD and playlist files! The SDK’s plugins and components seamlessly integrate into GStreamer and can be fully controlled using the GStreamer API. This enables you to develop more sophisticated solutions by combining MainConcept state-of-the-art codec libraries with built-in or 3rd-party GStreamer components.

Try the MainConcept OTT Content Creation SDK for GStreamer

Request your free evaluation copy of the MainConcept OTT Content Creation SDK for GStreamer which is compatible with the industry standard GStreamer API. You can also contact us to set up an initial consultation with one of our experienced Solutions Architects. And no matter your API or use case, our Professional Services team can be engaged to make sure you select and correctly implement the best solution for your organization.


Frank Schönberger

Frank Schönberger has been with MainConcept for two decades focused primarily on product management. With deep knowledge of customer requirements and engineering methodology, he is dedicated to collaborating effectively across Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Engineering to ensure MainConcept brings users the technology they need to achieve their vision. A graduate of RWTH Aachen University, Frank studied languages, teaching, history and politics.